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Song Information

Song Information

Song Title
Let Erin Remember
Song Lyrics

Let Erin remember the days of old
Ere her faithless sons betrayed her
When Malachy wore the collar of gold
That he won from the proud invader
When her kings with standards of green unfurled
Led the Red Branch Knights to danger
Ere the emerald gem of the Western World
Was set in the crown of a stranger

On Lough Neagh’s banks as the fisherman strays
In the clear cold eve declining
He sees the round towers of other days
In the waters ‘neath him shining
Thus shall memory often in dreams sublime
Catch a glimpse of the days that are over
Thus sighing, look through the waves of time
For the long-faded glories they cover

Song First Line
Let Erin remember the days of old
Chords In Text

Let [G]erin re[G7]member the [E7]days of [Am]old

Ere her [G]faithless sons be[Cm]trayed [G]her

[G]Malachi wore [G7]the [Em7] collar of [Am]gold,

Which he [G] won from the proud in[Cm]vad[G]er

When her [Em]kings, with [Bm7]standard of [C]green un[D]furled

Led the [Em]red-branch [Am]knights to [C]danger

ere the [Em]emerald [Bm7]gem of the[C]wes[G]tern [D]world [Am]was [C]

[Em]Set in the [Am]crown of a [D7]stran[G]ger


On [G]lough neagh’s bank [G7]as the [E7]fisherman [Am]strays

When the [G]clear cold eve’s de[Cm]clin[G]ing,

He [G]sees the round towers [G7]of [E7]other [Am]days

In the [G]wave beneath him [Cm]shin[G]ing

Thus shall [Em]memory [Bm7]often, in [C]dreams sub[D]lime,

Catch a [Em]Glimpse of the [Am]days that are [Cm]over

Thus [Em]sighing, [Bm7]look through the [C]waves [G]of [D]time [Bm]for [C7]the

[Em]long faded [Am]glories they [D7]cover[G].

Chord Tab

Tune: Traditional

Lyrics: Thomas Moore (1779-1852)


Prior to Peadar McCann’s version of ‘Amhrán na bhFiann’ this was regarded as a national anthem and was sung at the end of public concerts and events. Is attributed to Thomas Moore who was the first ‘Gaelic Revivalist’, writing lyrics concerning Ireland’s glorious celtic past and putting them to traditional tunes.