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Song Information

Song Information

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Lamh Dearg Aboo
Song Lyrics

If we from Derry walls were flung defeated,
And you from Limerick town in speed retreated,
One God is ours no matter what religion,
One land we love and shall not have division.

Shall we divide? Ah, better take the token
Of Ireland’s luck and leave the shamrock broken
Of one green leaf, when four brought joy upon it,
As Ulster lost—from Munster, Leinster, Connacht.

But Ulster lost with each green sod still crying
For those dear dead who left us dreams undying
Of Ireland’s needs, O’Neill whose heart took fire
And joined the sacred flames of Hugh Maguire.

Shall we not cry “Lamh Dearg abu” and glory
In Cromwell’s fall, in reading Clonmel’s story,
Or by the “Yellow Ford” who cheered most loudly
As hand from hand we passed the same flag proudly?

Song First Line
If we from Derry walls were flung defeated
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The link may be the O’Riada version
This appears in the original songlist for the Hougoumont concert as “Lamb Dearg Aboo” but it is almost certainly the Gaelic ‘ Lámh Dearg Abú’. {Hurray for the Red Hand}. The Red Hand refers to the Red Hand of Ulster an ancient symbol for the province which still appears on flags today.

The tune is at least as old as the latter 16th century, according to Gratten Flood (1906).